The Easiest Approach to Home Cocktail Creation You will EVER use!

This eBook will give you the SIMPLE approach to creating cocktails at home so that you can make endless amazing drinks for yourself and your loved ones!

What you will get

Start looking at your kitchen as a tool to set you free in making amazing drinks you can enjoy TODAY!

Home Bar Checklist

This is a checklist that you will have forever, that you use to make amazing cocktails with what you have! You will learn what is most important and less important to add in as you are building your home bar out!

Valued at $25

Tools for success

You don't need all the fancy tools, and to spend the $$ to create 🔥 Cocktails! The diagram in this eBook will show you what tools you already have! And high chances that you already have them!

You will also learn about Ice, Garnishes, Builds & Glassware!

Valued at $30

6 Free Cocktail Recipes!!!

Based on the Essentials highlighted in the Home Bar Checklist you will be able to make the foundational 5 cocktail recipes that most cocktails derive from!

Valued at $75

Meet your Mixologist:

Rachael Green from Rach Green Cocktails provides a Virtual Mixology Experience for her guests to tune into from the comfort of their own home. She gets people from all over laughing and cheers-ing while learning to create perfect and refreshing cocktails that are easy to replicate time and time again!

Rachael has over 10 years experience in the events and F&B industries. She uses the ability to interrupt the pattern of virtual events by connecting, engaging and bringing edutainment to people globally. In addition to being a sommelier, Rachael has served Celebrities, been featured on FOX, NBC, ABC and Big News Network, and helped orchestrate the engagement for 6 and 7 figure producing events.

Rachael is one of the top 10 Events pros to follow on Clubhouse and collaborated with the industry’s leading Virtual Events Legends. She has entertained thousands of people from around the world, and is looking forward to celebrating something with you!

Here’s what people are saying about Rachael:

Rachael's impact on event's attendees goes far beyond the cocktail, it is the connection to the creative process, to others in the room, and to the belief that we are all in the same room creating the experience together!

"As a former bar professional myself, I was very impressed with Rachael's knowledge, skill, poise, and expertise. She answered every question we threw at her. She really knows her stuff. We all learned a lot."

- Jorge Castro, Founder DiscoverMe

"Rachael gave a presentation on craft cocktails at a virtual networking event I attended. Her bright, energetic personality, passion for the products she used, and clear explanations made the event entertaining and really enjoyable! As a former bartender, I appreciated the sense of detail and care she brought to her drinks."

Jason Jedlicka, PhD, Public Speaker

"Rachael is a wonderful teacher! She made being my own bartender not scary at all, it was actually really fun and super informative! Highly recommend."

- Madison Freeman, MAAC at FAU

Step into your creative power by making AMAZING DRINKS TODAY with this eBook!