Shake up your life and Empower Your Creativity with the Art of Making Cocktails!

Have you ever looked at your pantry and said, "I can't make anything!" Or wondered if you could make drinks for your friends or loved ones at a gathering? Come to our series of workshops designed just for you to celebrate your new talents!

Become your own Favorite Bartender, starting this Summer!

What's Shakin' with These Workshops?

Below are some amazing benefits you get from signing up for the $20 workshop, as well as the lineup for the upcoming workshops that are right for you!

FREE eBook

How to make cocktails at home 101

This eBook is easy to follow, visually appealing, and jam packed with information on how to succeed today (even before the workshop)! It includes a guide to shopping for your home bar, tools, ice, garnishes, cocktail builds and also 6 FREE recipes that most cocktails are built from!

The Perfect Workshop for You!

A new theme every two weeks!

Every two weeks we have a workshop designed to create connections with your friends, loved ones, and your home life!

Price of the workshop is per-screen so bring as many people as you'd like to your home!

Don't see any events that you identify with? Then just pick one and come make some friends!

60 minute Action Packed fun-shop

designed to set you up for a Saturday night out or in!

In each Workshop you will learn 1 New signature cocktail related to the theme and then we will have open workshop to build cocktails based on what you have from your checklist (in the eBook)!!

"Essentials" are needed to create the basic 6 cocktails, and everything else is a BONUS for creating the cocktails that you will fall in love with this summer!

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Pick the date that works best for you and meet other amazing like-minded people who are joining in for the same reason

June Workshops

All workshops start at 7pm EST

June 5th: Cocktail workshop for the Homebodies

This workshop is designed to create connection and fun for couples or roommates that want to spice up their home life for have a fun night in!

June 19th: Cocktail Workshop for Mama's

This workshop is designed to celebrate the Mothers out there who need some Self-care in their weekend! Whether you are a mama of humans, pets or businesses, you deserve a good drink all the same

July Workshops

All workshops start at 7pm EST

July 3rd: Cocktail Workshop for Movers & Shakers

Are you a digital entrepreneur or just enjoy working from home or on the road? Then come to this workshop and learn how to create cocktails from anywhere and meet others doing it too!

July 17th: Cocktail Workshop for Best Friends

Are you missing your best friend from a distance or do you want to do something fun together before you go out? Come celebrate friendship with us and make your favorite drinks together!

July 31st: Mocktail workshop for All-Ages

Making drinks for yourself or a fun activity for the whole family? Come learn how to make drinks together at this amazing workshop!

August Workshops

All workshops start at 7pm EST

August 14th: Cocktail Workshop for Event Profs

Fellow EventProfs, we have had a crazy year huh? We'll lets learn how to make our favorite drinks together over this fun workshop as some of us are working long hours and travelling to serve clients and beyond! You deserve an event that celebrates you and our fellow event friends!

Meet your Mixologist:

Rachael Green from Rach Green Cocktails provides a Virtual Mixology Experience for her guests to tune into from the comfort of their own home. She gets people from all over laughing and cheers-ing while learning to create perfect and refreshing cocktails that are easy to replicate time and time again!

Rachael has over 10 years experience in the events and F&B industries. She uses the ability to interrupt the pattern of virtual events by connecting, engaging and bringing edutainment to people globally. In addition to being a sommelier, Rachael has served Celebrities, been featured on FOX, NBC, ABC and Big News Network, and helped orchestrate the engagement for 6 and 7 figure producing events.

Rachael is one of the top 10 Events pros to follow on Clubhouse and collaborated with the industry’s leading Virtual Events Legends. She has entertained thousands of people from around the world, and is looking forward to celebrating something with you!

Here’s what people are saying about Rachael:

Rachael's impact on event's attendees goes far beyond the cocktail, it is the connection to the creative process, to others in the room, and to the belief that we are all in the same room creating the experience together!

"As a former bar professional myself, I was very impressed with Rachael's knowledge, skill, poise, and expertise. She answered every question we threw at her. She really knows her stuff. We all learned a lot."

- Jorge Castro, Founder DiscoverMe

"Rachael gave a presentation on craft cocktails at a virtual networking event I attended. Her bright, energetic personality, passion for the products she used, and clear explanations made the event entertaining and really enjoyable! As a former bartender, I appreciated the sense of detail and care she brought to her drinks."

Jason Jedlicka, PhD, Public Speaker

"Rachael is a wonderful teacher! She made being my own bartender not scary at all, it was actually really fun and super informative! Highly recommend."

- Madison Freeman, MAAC at FAU

You are 3 CLICKS AWAY from Making your perfect Drink